Karrior 324XP Electric Hustler

Karrior 324XP Electric  Hustler provides transportation for supervisors, security, maintenance and executives whose job keeps them on the go. It can carry up to two passengers or 600 lbs. of cargo to the job site.

With its three-wheel short turning radius, the 324XP Electric  Hustler can maneuver around warehouses, industrial facilities, shopping malls, and hospitals with ease. The Karrior 324XP Electric  Hustler is equipped with a 24-volt battery system and can travel at speeds of 8 to 10 mph. A portable battery charger provides the convenience of plugging it in at any available electric outlet. An all-welded 14-guage steel unitized body and 10-gauge frame is built to last. The control system is designed to provide ease of maintenance on all electrical and mechanical components.

Handle Bar steering protects the driver. It is equipped with a solid-state controller and accelerator module with an automatic braking system to provide safe acceleration and stopping during those busy and daily operations.