Karrior 426XP Electric Stock Chaser

Designed for narrow aisles, Karrior 426XP Electric Stock Chaser has maneuverability that brings you closer to material that needs pulling for that important customer. With an all steel unitized body, Dana drive differential and a 24 Volt drive train, it provides years of service and dependability emitting no fumes or pollutants. Available with a stepladder for pulling material from higher locations and an electric crane for those heavier objects, the 426XP allows operators to move and pick up material with ease.

Built out of 14 gauge diamond plate, Karrior's body has increased strength and durability. Karrior alternative fuel vehicles are built to meet your specific application. The Electric Stock Chaser can be customized with multilevel shelving, electric crane, or extended deck overlay providing maximum operation. 426XP Electric Stock Chaser can be configured with a lift out battery box, providing 24-hour use in any warehousing application.