Karrior 250 Electric Flyer

Karrior 250 Electric Flyer saves you valuable time. The Electric Flyer is smooth, responsive and efficient, with a lower maintenance operation cost than any other electric vehicle. Our alternative fuel vehicles are clean and quiet during use, emits no fumes or pollutants, and can be used indoors or out.

Built out of 14 gauge diamond plate, Karrior's body has increased strength and durability. The Electric Flyer can be used as a supervisor electric cart. It moves personnel and an armload of items quickly and safely, covering distances three times faster than walking speed. Our one operator standing compartment has good visibility allowing the operator to be totally aware of the surroundings. The Karrior 250 Electric Flyer increases productivity and reduces wear and tear on personnel.

The Karrior 250 Electric Flyer is in a class by itself. Its standard features are a Solid State Speed Controller, 24 Volt Portable Charger, Heavy Duty 12 Volt Batteries, Mechanical Disc Brakes and a HP Motor.