Karrior 2400XP Electric Burden Carrier

Karrior 2400XP Electric Burden Carrier trucks get the job done in a cost efficient manner. Karrior state of the art versatile, dependable and adaptable Electric Burden Carrier fill the most demanding requirements in today's business-to-business applications.

The 2400XP Electric Burden Carrier is carefully engineered to provide the durability and low cost operations for those rugged applications but is still clean and quiet.

Standard features in our alternative fuel vehicle include 14-gauge diamond plate steel body, heavy-duty suspension, full-length leaf springs on all four wheels, front mounted shock absorber for extra comfort and stability with payload capacities from 3,000 to 6,000 lbs.

Additional features include fiberglass or steel cab, steel panel box, roll-out or lift-out battery box, rear foldaway second seat, 48-volt system package and a selection of gear ratios for those tough towing applications for your material handling and personnel carrier needs.