Q 1

Why does my golf cart stop running and die?

When a vehicle isn’t being use that often, it will take a toll on the batteries and the length of time they will last.
If you run your vehicle for only an hour per week you have a chance that the battery that you thought would last 5 years might only last 4 years or 3 years.
So it does help to use your vehicle, to keep it running and charged up….but never run them down below 30% before you charge them.
Never let them go down – below 30% - actually 40% you’d be better off. Only drain them to 40% so your batteries will last a lot longer.
But my experience has shown me that batteries will deteriorate - and that’s the lead acid batteries.

Q 2

I don't know anything about the batteries a service center is putting in my vehicle.

If they are selling you new batteries and they are 105 amp hours as opposed to a 220 or 260 amp hour battery, then that’s exactly what you are getting out of it. So you need to buy higher amperage battery if you want to get a longer travel distance

Q 3

How would I know if I have new batteries put in my golf cart ?

If you are concerned about what kind of batteries people are putting in, you should ask for a spread sheet on them that shows you the kind of battery you are getting so that in the future when you go to buy new ones you’ll say "well these only lasted me x amount of time."

Q 4

How will I know the batteries I am getting are brand new batteries? I don't know what new batteries look like..

Usually there is a date stamped on the top of the terminal and that’s one helpful hint.


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