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Made in California since 1984. Phone 310-515-7600   info@karrior.com

Karrior Industrial Electric Vehicles are manufactured in Gardena, California. We build a complete line of industrial electric vehicles. Burden carriers, stock chasers, personnel carriers, carts, trams, tow tractors and custom vehicles made to your specifications. 570 West 184th Street, Gardena CA 90248

Golf Cart Repair and Parts. Phone 310-515-7600   info@karrior.com

Refurbish, restore and keep your cart because it has value and you know you still love it. Karrior repairs GEM, Th!nk ,Taylor-Dunn, Motrec, EZ-GO, Columbia ParCar, Miles, NEV's, Nordskog, Club Car, Cushman, e-ride, eHummer,  U.S. Electric Car, Marketeer, Zone and Yamaha, etc. gas and electric golf carts and manufactures our own Karrior Electric Industrial Vehicles.  We manufacture and sell 66 tooth silent chain sprockets.  We carry parts for most models. We’ll *Special Order Parts if it’s not in stock. Our parts are warranted against defects. In stock parts can be shipped the same day. *Returned Special Order Parts subject to a charge.

Our repair staff is a phone call away when you need equipment serviced in the field.

Servicing Your Entire Fleet: With over 27 years of experience, our highly trained technicians perform all minor and major repairs. We can also provide service and repairs to your existing fleet of new and used industrial electrical vehicles and golf carts, gas and electric. We offer minor repairs on-site.  

Golf Cart Repair: You can drop off your vehicle or we can pick it up, take it to our shop and give you a full diagnosis for services and repairs. Have your electric or gas golf cart or GEM or other electric vehicle repairs done the right way. We have the most reliable team for trouble shooting and repairing all makes and models of electric vehicles and golf carts.

The Trans Lectric and Karrior parts department offers a large variety of small parts for many makes and models of gas and electric golf carts and other vehicles including: Taylor-Dunn, Motrec, EZ-GO, Columbia ParCar, GEM's, Th!nk, Miles, NEV's, Nordskog, Club Car, Cushman, e-ride, eHummer, Trans Lectric, Karrior, U.S. Electric Car, Marketeer, Zone and Yamaha.

Our location is 570 West 184th Street, Gardena CA 90248.

Phone 310-515-7600   Fax 310-464-8255  

email   info@karrior.com   

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