• 426XP Electric Stock Chaser

    426 Karrior Stock Chaser in a Chemical Plant doing it's duty! Designed for narrow aisles, it performs many jobs with the least amount of effort and space.

  • 2400XP Burden Carrier

    Karrior 2400XP Electric Burden Carrier trucks get the job done in a cost efficient manner, filling the most demanding requirements.

  • 250 Electric Flyer

    Karrior 250 Electric Flyer body is built out of 14 gauge diamond plate for increased strength and durability. It can be used as a supervisor cart, moves personnel quickly, safely - covering distances 3 times faster than walking speed.

  • Heavy Duty GSE Electric Tug

    Our Heavy Duty GSE Electric Tug, is Karrior Electric Vehicle's newest ground support product, designed to tow up to 15,000 lbs.

  • Electric Trams

    Karrior Electric Trams and trailer trams come in both tracking-type and fifth-wheel configurations. Our trams are used in convention centers, ski resorts, schools, hotels, zoos, airports and anywhere you need to move people in comfort and safety.

  • Golf Cart Repair

    We specialize in repairing golf carts, gas, electric or other electric vehicles, with professional body repairs, motor rebuilds, differential rebuilds, painting, pressure washing. We sell parts for Taylor-Dunn, Motrec, EZ-GO, Columbia ParCar, GEM's, Nordskog, Club Car, Cushman, e-ride, Trans Lectric, Karrior, Yahama.

  • George Kettel


  • Reconditioned Vehicles

    Our mechanics refurbish and modify old vehicles turning them into updated ones. They are upcycled and improved with the best current options. Our standard reconditioned models come with new batteries, new tires and new paint.


Karrior Customized Burden Carriers

State of the art versatile, dependable and adaptable to the most demanding requirements. Call us at 310-515-7600  or email info@karrior.com


Karrior GSE Electric Tug

Karrior GSE Electric Tug designed to tow up to 15,000 pounds.